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What do you know about commercial garage doors? Some people may say that business owners who use this kind of door are usually those with big garages or big cars. Well, there is more to this than simply owning a large parking space where the car can be parked inside.

Commercial garage doors are basically used by buildings that have large garages or lots of vehicles being parked inside for storage or repair purposes. As the name implies, these types of doors are specifically designed for heavy-duty uses. They are built to withstand heavy loads and vehicle traffic over time. While most homes use uPVC doors because it is sturdier than other materials like aluminum, commercial buildings need to consider using steel ones since they last longer and can handle large amounts of weight better than the former option. Commercial garage door installation costs depend on their length and width. A door that is wider and longer obviously costs more than that with smaller dimensions.

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The Most Durable Garage Door

Because commercial garage doors are designed for heavy-duty purposes, they usually come in steel heavy gauge material. Generally speaking, the thicker the steel used for this type of door, the better it is since it can withstand rough use and extreme weather conditions.

However, they may be more expensive compared to other options like uPVC doors which work well with homes but are not as strong as steel. The thickness of a commercial garage door depends on how much traffic it needs to handle most especially when there’s vehicle parking inside the building or at least regularly using such area every single day… No wonder why most people would opt for an automatic garage door because manually operating them can cause strain on the arms especially if it has large dimensions.

We will install repair your commercial garage door

Commercial Garage Door Installation:

Commercial garage doors are hard to install even for people who have lots of experience in the field because it requires complex programming that only our experts can do. If you also want to have one installed it would be best to contact us for more information about our commercial garages door installation cost and what option works best for your needs… We provide free estimation so you don’t need to worry about additional fees.

Here at DC Garage Door, our garage door services are reliable and affordable. We offer quality commercial garage door installation using materials that are guaranteed to last for many years.

We provide commercial garage door installation for buildings in Washington DC and Maryland. Our garage doors are built out of the highest quality commercial-grade materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Garage Door Repair:

We offer commercial garage door repair in DC and Maryland for homeowners and commercial buildings. We can provide you with garage door replacement and repair that will give you the best results.

We offer garage door replacement and commercial garage door repair depending on your commercial or residential needs. With our garage door technicians, we can assure you that we will provide excellent commercial garage door repair and services.

We also have 24 hours garage door emergency service available to help you in any emergencies such as broken spring, damaged panel, sticking lock problems, malfunctioning sensors, etc… Call us now at (202) 455-4288.

Commercial Garage Door Openers:

Here at DC Garage Door, we offer a reliable commercial door opener service that is perfect for commercial customers. Our technicians are trained to provide quick and efficient commercial garage door opener installation services using high-quality commercial-grade openers that are top-rated in the industry.

With our commercial garage door opener service, we guarantee quality workmanship and peace of mind knowing that your commercial building is safe from faulty doors. We Make Sure Your Business Home Is Safe With Us!

Call us today on 202-455-4288 to book garage door installation or repair services at your property!.

Garage Door Company in Washington DC:

When trying to look for commercial garage door installation services, it is best that you find a local garage door company to install this for you. Since commercial garage doors are not available everywhere, some commercial establishments may need to order them first before they can install them.

People make the mistake of buying commercial garage doors online without getting professional advice on what type of door material they should use for their commercial garages. This is risky since most manufacturers do not have enough knowledge about the commercial uses of garage doors. As mentioned above, you might end up purchasing the wrong type of door that won’t even last long because it is made from substandard materials which are not fit for commercial purposes…

DC Garage Door is a locally owned and operated garage door company in the Washington DC area, so we are available to visit your property any time that works the best for you. Our flexible scheduling makes it easy to set an appointment for garage door consultations, installation, or repair.

Need A Commercial Garage Door Services in DC Area?

Reliable Garage Door Experts:

We are your comprehensive choice for high-quality and reliable garage door services which you can find under one roof. Our company provides you with a wide range of services including installation, repair, and replacement of different types of garage doors. With us by your side, investing in a new garage door is now made easy since we provide services that are available 24/7 to meet your emergency needs.

With DC Garage Door, you are guaranteed that all of your garage door services are handled with care. We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction! Our commercial garage door services are available for commercial buildings in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Don’t settle for subpar service when you can choose DC Garage Door Services today! Reach out to us today at 202-455-4288 to book commercial garage door services..

Types of commercial garage doors

Roll-Up Garage Doors
The roll-up commercial garage doors are available in different colors to match the design and style requirements of its customers. It can be used for buildings that have a homey look since these types do not require windows but provide great durability with their long-term use plus installation process is easy due no need install tracks or any other part which makes it very convenient!
Roller Sectional Garage Door
This is great for buildings that have lots of space between the commercial ground and the commercial garage which makes it perfect for ventilation. This type of commercial door also has an upper panel that can be opened whenever necessary which allows good ventilation inside the garage especially when there are cars being parked indoors but there is outside fresh air circulating inside.
Sliding Sectional Doors
These types of garage doors are the very popular choice in many garages because they allow lots of natural light to come through since most often, these types of garage doors cover by large windows on them so, during the day, when opened, the buildings feel more spacious and when closed the building becomes more secure which makes it perfect commercial garage door option.
Sectional Garage Doors
These commercial garage doors are perfect for buildings because it can be used to separate the commercial building from the garage.
Rolling Steel Doors
Garage doors that have a steel door which provides the building a very classic look.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors Materials

There are basically three types of commercial garage doors when it comes to materials used.

1. Steel Garage Doors

These are the most popular option for buildings that have large garages or lots of vehicles being parked in there on a daily basis because steel can handle large amounts of weight better than other options available out there.

2. Aluminum Garage Door

This is not really used often since it is not as sturdy compared to steel even though it is lighter and easier to install. This material also rusts easily especially if installed outdoor without proper care and maintenance plus, aluminum has low durability which means after years of installation wear and tear may be evident already…

3. Wood Garage Doors

They are mostly used for homes since wood does not really go well with heavy traffic especially when there are large vehicles being parked inside the garage. The wooden material may warp over time which makes it an unreliable option while using for commercial purposes since they are not made to last long…

No matter what kind of garage door you are looking for, we are the company to call when you need assistance regarding your garage doors needs.

benefits and advantages of using commercial garage doors:

1. Commercial garage doors that are installed outdoors can last longer than those used indoors.

2. With proper care and maintenance, steel material is the best option for heavy-duty use since it is sturdy and reliable but just like any other tool or equipment, regular maintenance is a must…

3. Steel material is also very strong so there’s no need to worry about replacing them in the future which means “less” expenses in the long run…


DC Garage Door Services Is Here For You

Garage doors are not just doors that open and close. These days, they have become an important part of the whole house or business. According to some estimates, about thirty percent of American homes have garage doors, thus bringing up a need for garage door services. If you are planning to install commercial garage doors for buildings, make sure to know the different types of garage doors available before choosing which one works best for you…

DC Garage Door is the best garage door company Washington DC area. We offer garage door installation and garage door repair for both residential customers as well as commercial ones, so no matter what your need we are here for you!

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Terry Mao
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We had a great experience with DC Garage Door. They were on time, very polite and their prices are reasonable! The technician provided us with new buttons for our keypad and remote control of the opener in case we need it later down the line. It's nice to know that these experts can come out anytime because even if something happens while they repair your door, you'll have someone who will be there fast enough; thanks again guys
Larry Dale
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Our recent repair job with DC Garage Door company was a good experience. The mechanic showed up right on time, and they were very knowledgeable about what needed fixing in the first place and gave us suggestions for future issues we may come across - but never pushy! We will be using them again when our other two doors need repairs or maintenance work done too.
Ben Kaiser
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You can't go wrong with DC Garage Door Company. They've been around for a long time, and they always take great care of their customers! When I called them about my broken garage door, the person who answered was very helpful in telling me what needed to be done because he knew just how frustrated I had felt before contacting him. He also explained that same day service is available, which made things even better since we were able to get our problem solved without waiting any longer than necessary thanks again, guys let's keep up all the good work together

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