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Garage door repair in DC is a necessary undertaking, especially when your garage door begins to act up. Handling the repair as soon as possible becomes necessary when you do not want the problem to build up to a point where you may need a new installation.

Why Choose DC Garage Door Repair Services?

Are you still divided whether or not to choose our garage door repair services? The following are our core strengths and should give you the surety that you need to start engaging us in your garage door repair needs.

  • Available 24/7 to promptly get started on repairing your garage door
  • Professionally trained technicians who understand what they are doing
  • We use top quality tools and materials in all repair cases
  • We focus on achieving customer satisfaction
  • Free consultations are offered to all customers
  • Prompt scheduling of services for your convenience
  • Offering affordable rates 

There is no need to worry when you notice that something is wrong with your garage door especially because our technicians can provide you with the help that you need. We come fully equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to fix any garage door problem, regardless of how complicated it may be.

We repair Any Type Of Garage Doors

We Can Repair all garage doors Better Faster

Common Garage Door Repair Problems:

There are many cases when you may need to perform a garage door repair. Some of these include:

1. Noisy Garage Door

Noisy garage doors stand out as one of the many repair requests we receive here at DC Garage Doors. This issue can cause all kinds of problems, especially when your bedroom is closer to the garage. We usually perform routine maintenance tasks and replace necessary parts to fix the noisy garage door. In other cases, the problem results from faulty hinges. You can rely on our experts to perform a detailed analysis to determine the cause of your noisy garage door and recommend the appropriate solution.

2. Broken Garage Door Glass

If your garage door is made out of glass, there is a chance you may need repair services targeting the broken glass. That’s because the yard has a beehive of activities, and sometimes your family members may accidentally crack the glass. You must repair broken glass in the shortest time possible. Not only does it change the aesthetics of your garage, but it can also invite most insects and birds to make a home inside your garage. This also introduces significant security issues.

3. Frozen Garage Door

Due to the nature of its purpose, your garage door is constantly impacted by changing environmental factors. Thus, extremely cold days can ruin the door and make it difficult to open or close it. The frozen door could accumulate moisture and cold to a point where it does not move easily. Feel free to call us any time of the day or night to repair your frozen garage door.

4. Worn-Out Garage Door

Garage doors are designed to last for a long if properly maintained. However, when neglected, they can fail within a short time and would need repair. Repairing a worn-out garage is not necessarily easy, but experts understand what is needed to get your garage back in good shape. We can evaluate the door’s current status to accurately determine whether the repair would be enough or you have to get a new door.

5. Worn-Out Springs

Garage doors operate based on meticulously placed torsion springs or extension springs connected to pulleys and cables. The springs help with the seamless lowering and raising of the door by offering counterforce to the garage door. When faulty, it becomes difficult to easily open your garage door, and it will feel heavier. Repairing worn-out springs requires professionals like DC Garage Door to handle the job. This is not something you can do alone because of the significant risk of injury. Remember that these springs are normally under a lot of pressure and require the kind of experience that we have to safely repair them.

6. Garage Door Track Repair/Replacement 

When your track becomes bent or damaged, our technicians are qualified to assist you. We offer fast yet quality assistance for all customers who need their tracks fixed due to damage incurred over time.  

7. Hinges Repair/Replacement 

Broken hinges are not just unsightly but also dangerous because when they come loose, they affect the safety of those around as well as damage adjacent parts such as tracks. Well, our technicians know how to handle these issues without causing further damage.

8. Rollers Repair/Replacement 

Rollers come in handy when opening and closing your garage door because they allow the smooth operation of the panels. When your rollers get damaged or stop working, our technicians will quickly perform the necessary springs replacements so you can enjoy uninterrupted service from your garage door.

9. Garage Door Opener Replacement

If your garage door opener needs replacement because it is old and faulty, we can assist and do that job for you swiftly and effectively while also ensuring that we use top-quality equipment that lasts long. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction which is why we do not engage in methods that compromise quality even if this means spending more on new equipment than we would have spent on repairs instead.    

Finding The Right Garage Door Repair Service Near Me

When it comes to garage door repair in dc, you need to make sure that you work with a company that knows what they are doing. Attempting to repair some of the issues as DIY presents the risk of injury. Additionally, you may end up causing more serious problems than they currently are.

DC Garage Door provides complete garage door repair

Whatever the problem may be, we can fix it. Need a new garage door? We offer that as well! Our technicians are skilled and experienced to provide garage door repair and garage door installation services with top-notch results. They always arrive on time and clean up after themselves when they’re done working. And they’ll explain the problem and how it will be fixed. We also provide same-day service as well as emergency garage door repairs. If you have a broken garage door, call DC Garage Door!

Need A Garage Door Repair in DC Area?

Why DC garage door repair

DC garage door services – The right garage door company for your needs!  Our technicians specialize in repairing, replacing, or installing garage doors so you get a well-built product at an affordable price. We carry all major brands including Clopay®, Amarr®, and LiftMaster® available with same-day installation service for homeowners near the Washington DC region.

You cannot risk trusting the garage door repair services to a company without the required experience. At DC Garage Door, we have more than ten years of experience in the industry and have handled diverse repair cases. We have previous projects that we can show you to gain your confidence in the quality of service we seek to offer. And if you have time to spare, feel free to check out these past projects to get a clear picture of the quality of our work. We believe this is one step towards providing high-quality service at affordable rates.
Honest garage door repair company understands that different customers have unique needs. The only way to comprehend these diverse requirements is by encouraging you to ask questions. When discussing your project, we do not just focus on us asking you questions. We also encourage you to ask what pops into your mind. That gives you a chance to evaluate the expertise of our technicians based on the responses provided. Expect to be surprised by how knowledgeable we are at what we do.
The company’s working environment
If the garage door company has an ample working environment, you can expect that the team is motivated to deliver appropriate solutions to their clients. We do not compromise on the need to treat every member of our team fairly. In so doing, we set the trend where each client is important and that your repair requests will be handled with the urgency that it deserves. Our technicians operate ethically and will not try to sell you services or parts that you do not need.
You cannot risk contracting a company of questionable character to handle your garage door repair tasks. As a family-run business, DC Garage Door aims at maintaining its positive reputation. It has taken us more than ten years to get to where we are. Thus, we do not engage in scandals that would ruin the reputation that we have built over the years. Our solid reputation and happy customer base should give you the confidence you need to engage our Dc garage door services.

Talk To Us About Garage Door Repair

Do not let your garage door continue getting worse. Contact us for DC garage door services, and we will be glad to hold a detailed discussion of all your requirements.

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What People Say

Ron Hong
Read More
Thank you dc garage door for having our new garage door installed today. You came out to our house within an hour of my phone call, showed us all the options that would fit best with our house and budget, explained everything in detail, had it installed before dinner time. We couldn't be happier with the service we received from you dc garage door.
Dani Levi
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I called them at 7:30pm, they came out around 9:15pm and the technician had everything done in 45 minutes! They are very professional and get the job done fast. The price was fair; I would recommend them to anyone in the area who was looking for a reliable garage door service in DC
Boni Lovas
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Thank you dc garage door for repairing my door. It was a hard problem to solve but DC Garage Door fixed it and I now have peace of mind that I will never have this issue again.

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